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Southend Primary

Teaching School Alliance

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  • Southend Primary
  • Teaching School Alliance
  • Avenue Road
  • Westcliff-on-Sea, SS0 7PJ

Our Partnership

Southend-on-Sea Primary School Alliance recognises that every colleague within our schools are committed to ensuring the best possible learning experience for all children and we are driven by wanting to make a difference to the lives of as many children as possible. We work collaboratively to celebrate and nurture the similarities and distinctiveness of each of our schools and recognise the contribution each school makes to ensuring children have the best education and experiences. By being a part of the alliance we believe that by working together, the children are able to have a high quality of education and that as colleagues, we also benefit from a collaborative working ethos. Making a difference to children's lives is at the heart of all of our work. 

Our Teaching School Vision

  • Work together to ensure that all children across our schools benefit from the highest standards of teaching and learning and are inspired, nurtured, challenged and prepared to achieve their full potential.
  • Promote a culture of professional learning communities secured by innovation, collaboration, ambition, coaching and research to ensure a transformational impact on pupil outcomes.
  • Be an outward facing alliance working in partnership with community stakeholders to enhance provision across our alliance and beyond.
  • Develop and respond to local and national needs and be the driving force within Southend for school led system leadership.

Our Teaching School Values

  • Excellence For All: At the heart of our work are the opportunities we provide to encourage innovation, creative thinking and partnership development for our children and colleagues. We are passionate about ensuring everyone challenges themselves and develops their full potential for future success.
  • Integrity - We value the openness and transparency across all alliance members and act with respect through our collaborative working partnerships.
  • Shared Drive and Ambition: We have a strong moral purpose to develop excellent teaching and learning and value the importance of making a lasting difference for everyone within our learning communities.
  • Opportunity: We promote a first class education for children in all of our schools, we learn from each other and value the opportunity to work in partnership across our alliance and beyond.
  • Aspirations: We believe that we all gain more when we engage in activities which are interesting and enjoyable. This leads us to take pride in our successes ensuring a happier and more fulfilled experience. Ensuring high aspirations for all leads to the pathway of our futures. 

Our Teaching School Partnership

The following schools are members of our Teaching School Alliance and contribute to the strategic development of all of our work:

Barons Court Primary School and Nursery:

Eastwood Primary School and Nursery: 

Edwards Hall Primary School:                 

Fairways Primary School:                        

Heycroft Primary School:                      

Milton Hall Primary School and Nursery: