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Pupil Premium Reviews

What are schools that have had the reviews saying about them?



“Within our school we found the review process to be very valuable. The reviewer was highly knowledgeable and was able to offer ideas and alternative strategies to help address some of the key needs for our children. The review was a two way process and throughout the whole experience we felt highly supported. We had a clear vision for Pupil Premium at our school and through working with the reviewer we were able to ensure that we were giving the best possible provision for our children. It was a very worthwhile experience." 

Southend-on-Sea Infant Headteacher




“The reviewers’ reputation for providing an excellent Pupil Premium review for Southend Schools was recently experienced at our school. Our provision review was tailored to meet the needs of our school and the reviewers understood that every school is unique; as are all Pupil Premium cohorts. This approach ensured there was a clear understanding of our school with no generalisations or preconceptions being made. This ensured an informed review was carried out.  Strengths and areas for development were identified and an appropriate action plan put into place. Several members of staff and governors were interviewed and pupil voice was listened to, signposting our final plan of action and Pupil Premium support. We will continue to work with the reviewers in the future, ensuring our children are ‘Being the best they can be’

Southend-on-Sea Primary Headteacher